9 Tips For Writing A Great Cover Letter

No doubt, you are facing intense competition to get hired and start working in your dream job. Most probably, you have a similar background with your competitors in terms of education,  qualifications and work experience. So how can you prove that you are better than the other job applicants? To distinguish the topnotch job applicants among the pool of tens, hundreds or even thousands of candidates, companies have started to look at the cover letters written by the job applicants. Therefore, writing an excellent cover letter has become extremely important nowadays. A good cover letter can pave the way for you to be invited by the company to an interview.

So how can you write an impactful cover letter?

Here are 9 tips that will dramatically increase your chance to be invited to a job interview:


1. Show that you have conducted research about the company and are knowledgeable about its current operations in Australia.

For example, if you are making an application for a job position at your local McDonald’s restaurant, showing that you know that McDonald’s was founded in California, US in 1955 and the first McDonald’s restaurant in Australia was opened in 1971 in Sydney. Spending some time and making research gives the hiring manager the impression of you are dedicated to this job position at this company.

2. Demonstrate that you possess the requirements that are stated in the job posting.

For example, according to the job posting, if the company is searching for an energetic person who can easily work in fast-paced environments, telling that you are an energetic and hardworking person who can easily multi-task will bring you an advantage. This makes it easier for the hiring manager to decide whether you possess the qualities that are required by the job position.

3. Use a formal address.

Always start your cover letter by writing something like “Dear Hiring Manager” and finish your cover letter by writing “Yours sincerely”. Remember that the hiring manager is a businessperson who is doing their job, not your friend.

4. Instead of general content, you should write the cover letter specifically for the job position you are applying for.

Hiring managers read thousands of cover letters during their careers. Eventually, they develop an advanced sense of distinguishing specific cover letters from non-specific ones. If the hiring manager understands that you submit more or less the same cover letter to every company, you will look like an inattentive job applicant. So, make sure that you write your cover letter from scratch during each job application. For example, if you are writing a cover letter for a nursing job position, you are advised to put emphasis on your qualifications related to nursing.

5. Write your cover letter in a formal language.

Impolite sentences or slang words are definitely not well received by hiring managers, even if these kinds of writings look funny at first sight. Remember that almost all job positions require you to maintain your professional attitude during work. Therefore, in your job application, you should prove that you are a professional that is a perfect fit for the job position that you are applying for.

6. Your cover letter should be in concordance with your CV/resume.

We absolutely don’t recommend lying or making up information in job applications. You need to be honest and prove that you are the best candidate for a job position by telling the facts about yourself. If someone realises that the information in your cover letter is not consistent with your CV/resume, you will be treated as a dishonest person.

7. Avoid long sentences. Use short and clear sentences.

You are not writing a literary work. You are writing a cover letter. The ultimate goal of the cover letter is to persuade the company that you are the best candidate for a job position. Keeping this in mind during you are writing your cover letter will be very useful to get the best results.

8. Clearly indicate what values you will add to the company.

Each company has a set of values. Despite the fact that the values of each company are roughly the same, you should understand what the company that you are applying at seeks from its employees and point them out clearly in your cover letter. It will be useful to stay on topic and keep within bounds. For example, if you are writing a cover letter for a retail job position, you are advised to promote your verbal skills as it is a valid predictor of your sales skills.

9. Always PROOFREAD before submitting the cover letter to the company.

The word “proofread” is written in capital letters here, because this is an extremely vital aspect of your cover letter. Spelling errors in your text lead to the negative outcomes: First, they make you seem to have written the cover letter carelessly and in a rush. Second, you seem like an incompetent person who doesn’t know how to spell correctly. Disregarding proofreading may be the main reason that you won’t be invited to a job interview. Always proofread your cover letter.

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