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BHP is a multinational Anglo-Australian company that is in the businesses of agriculture and extraction. The company has its headquarters in Melbourne, Victoria. In 1885, the ancestor company was founded in Broken Hill in New South Wales. Then, in 2001, BHP and Billiton companies merged and they made a dual-listed company together. Starting from 2017, the company rebranded itself as “BHP” and removed the “Billiton” word from the name. BHP is excel at extracting and processing minerals, oil and gas. The primary resources that BHP provides are coal, copper, iron ore, and petroleum. In terms of total revenue, BHP is the 3rd largest company and the largest mining company in Melbourne. The company employs almost 20,000 employees in Australia and 72,000 others worldwide, which all contribute with great effort to the global success of this company.

BHP Job Application

BHP Jobs

BHP has achieved great success internationally. It is one of the greatest resource suppliers in the world. This success is of course achieved with the help of thousands of dedicated and hardworking employees of this major company. If you are interested in working at a multinational company that is operating in many different parts of the world, you should definitely check the job positions at BHP! You can learn the details of this company’s success while being a part of this professional and big family of BHP!

Job Positions

Supervisor Belt Maintenance, Mine Engineer, Principal Finance Accounting, Dash Design Engineer, Energy Specialist, Specialist Environment A&I, and many more.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available

BHP Application Form PDF

BHP doesn’t offer any printable job application form on the web. Therefore, you are recommended to make an online job application for jobs at BHP on the company’s official career website.

How to Apply

  1. Visit the official website of BHP. There, click on “Our Approach” button and choose “Work with Us“.bhp job application step 1
  2. Then, under the section “Join our Team“, click on “Find out about Opportunities“.bhp job application step 2
  3. Then you will be directed to a new web page, in which you can refine your job search by choosing the Region and the Location you want to work in, as well as the Work Type and the Job Category. After choosing them, click on the “Search” button. The web page also shows how many jobs are available at that time. bhp job application step 3
  4. Below is an example of choosing the Region “Australia” and the Work Type “Full Time”.bhp job application step 4
  5. After choosing the appropriate categories for your job search and finding a job title that fits you, read the job description and the job requirements carefully. Below you can find an example for the role “Manager Project Delivery – Coal”.bhp job application step 5
  6. If the job description and job requirements fit your preferences, click on the “Apply Now” button. Then, you will be directed to a new web page in which you should create a new user account and start your application after logging in. Good luck!bhp job application step 6

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