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Bunnings Warehouse

Bunnings Warehouse is an Australian household hardware store chain. The first Bunnings Warehouse store was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 1887. The company was initially a limited company focused on sawmilling. This company has been owned by Wesfarmers since 1994. Today, there are hundreds of Bunnings stores across Australia and New Zealand, at which 31,000 employees are working in harmony. Bunnings Warehouse became a public company in 1952 and subsequently expanded into the retail sector by purchasing several hardware stores. The first warehouse-style Bunnings store was opened in Melbourne in 1994. The management and the employee team is doing their best in 350+ Bunnings Warehouse trading locations that are made up of 250+ warehouses, 75+ smaller format stores and 30+ trade centres, along with some frame and truss centres operating across Australia and New Zealand.

Bunnings Warehouse Job Application

Bunnings Warehouse Jobs

One of Australia’s leading retail store chains is seeking new employees to fill the part-time and full-time job openings in its hundreds of stores across the country. This hundred-year-old company is offering great job positions that will play a key role in the development of people that want to pursue a career in a retail store. Up to this day, tens of thousands of Australians have worked at Bunnings Warehouse. Why wouldn’t you become one? Applying online for a job at your Bunnings Warehouse is just a few clicks away!

Job Positions

  • Team Member Customer Service
  • Yard Person
  •  Night Fill
  • Activities Organiser
  • Forklift Driver
  • Retail Supervisor
  • Management

Job Descriptions

Customer Service Team Member

The customer service team member position at Bunnings Warehouse can be an ideal choice to start your career. You are going to work in a team and strive to provide an excellent customer service understanding of the company. Most of the time, you are going to help customers by informing them about the products and services of the company.

You will be responsible for operating the registers and replenishing the stocks as well. It is important to be able to work flexible hours, especially work weekends. Moreover, having good communication skills and maintaining a positive attitude can be quite useful in this position.

Job Application Form PDF

There is no printable job application form of Bunnings Warehouse on the web. We recommend that you visit the official website of Bunnings Warehouse and make an online job application. Check the jobs at Bunnings Warehouse!

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

How To Apply Online

Step 1 – Go to the career website of Bunnings Warehouse. Enter keywords, select job type, select locations, and select employment type. Then click the red magnifying glass image to see the list of job openings according to your search criteria.

If you don’t customise your search and just click the magnifying glass image, you will be provided with the list of all job openings at all Bunnings stores.

bunnings warehouse job application step 1


Step 2 – From the job list, click a job title that gets your attention to view the job description.

bunnings warehouse job application step 2


Step 3 – Read the job description page completely. If you are satisfied with what you read, click the red “Take The Pre-Application Quiz” button at the right of the page.

bunnings warehouse job application step 3


Step 4 – Sign in if you have an account. If you don’t have an account yet, provide your email address and choose a password on the right section, then click “Sign up”.

bunnings warehouse job application step 4


Step 5 – Open your email and find the mail that was sent to you by Bunnings. Open the mail and click the “Verify email address” link.

bunnings warehouse job application step 5


Step 6 – A new page will open. Click “START QUIZ” at the top right of the page.

bunnings warehouse job application step 6


Step 7 – There are 23 questions. Answer all questions and then click “NEXT” in each step.

bunnings warehouse job application step 7


Step 8 – After the quiz, provide your personal information on the following page. Then click “SUBMIT” to submit your application.

bunnings warehouse job application step 8


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