Cover Letter – All You Need To Know

“Cover letter” is one of the documents that are demanded from you in job applications alongside your CV/resume. The content of the cover letter is pretty important as it will facilitate your job application to be taken into consideration and you to be invited to a face to face interview. Therefore, it is essential to know what a cover letter is, what is included in a cover letter, and how to write a good cover letter. If you seek a job in Australia, being aware of how to write a good cover letter is of utmost importance.


Providing factual information about yourself in the job application form, in your CV or in your resume doesn’t allow the hiring managers to fully recognise you as a person. Here is the point that your cover letter comes into play. A cover letter is more than a formal job application letter. You may have great employment experience, decent education and be a qualified employee. However, if you want to stand out amongst other qualified employees with great employment experiences and decent educations, you should add a great cover letter alongside your job application.


A cover letter lets you elaborate on the information in your CV/resume and bring your accomplishments to the forefront. Frequently, job applicants have difficulty writing a proper cover letter because fitting in your whole career into no more than one page is hard. This is natural, so in this article, we aim to explain how to write an impactful cover letter that will increase your chance of being hired by companies.


The cover letter can be designated as 4 short paragraphs after the greeting.


Greeting – Always start your paragraph by greeting the hiring manager. If you know who the hiring manager is, writing “Mr. <Name>” or “Mrs. <Name>” should be preferred. If you are not sure about the gender of the hiring manager, or if you don’t know who the hiring manager is, you can write “Dear Hiring Manager”.


Paragraph 1 – Introduce Yourself


If you want to attract the attention of the reader of your cover letter, the first paragraph should be a decent and relevant paragraph that tells the reader about yourself. Suppose you are applying for a nursing job position. A sentence such as “As an experienced nurse, I have spent 10 years of my career providing extensive care to patients in a full-fledged hospital.” will be appropriate. Or suppose you are applying for a retail store job position at your local Woolworths. A sentence such as “When I encountered this job posting, I was excited as a retail expert.” will give you a back. If someone referred you for the job position you are applying for, mentioning their name in the first paragraph will increase the reader’s attention to your cover letter.


Paragraph 2 – Why This Job Position and Why This Company


Suppose you are applying for a team member job position at your local McDonald’s restaurant. It would be very beneficial for you to clearly explain why you are the best candidate for the team member job position at a McDonald’s restaurant. In this paragraph, demonstrating your knowledge about the job position and the company will provide you an advantage. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to make a quick internet search about the company before you make a job application for a job position at any company.


Paragraph 3 – Why You Are the Best Candidate for This Job Position


This should be the longest paragraph of your cover letter. In this paragraph, you should further elaborate on your skills and qualifications that separate you from other job applicants. Moreover, you should tell about your employment experiences, accomplishments, previous projects and rewards. If you are confused about what to write and what to not write in this paragraph, you can use the “required qualifications” section in the original job posting as a guide. In addition, if you were involved in any community services in the past, we advise you to include this in your cover letter since companies are attaching more and more importance to this aspect in recent years. Whatever you write in this paragraph, you should stay on topic and should not digress.


Paragraph 4 – A Short Closing Paragraph


In this paragraph, you should shortly convey your thanks to the hiring manager and some additional information, if any. Then you can finish your cover letter by formally sending your best regards.


The format of the cover letter is also crucial. Below, you can find a cover letter temp in PDF format that you can use as a guide in your job application. Take the relative paragraph lengths into account.


Cover Letter Template PDF


You can find tips for writing a cover letter in our article 9 Tips For Writing A Great Cover Letter.

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