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FoodWorks is an Australian supermarket chain. The company uses four trading names, which are “Farmer Jack’s”, “FoodWorks”, “Farmer Jack’s FoodWorks”, and at the Claremont store, “Jack’s Wholefoods and Groceries”. All FoodWorks stores are operated by the independent retail group Australian United Retailers Limited (AURL). AURL was established in 2004 from the merger of the FoodWorks Supermarket Group Ltd (FSG) and Australian United Retailers (AUR). When combined, FoodWorks operates more than 600 supermarkets, grocery stores and convenience stores across Australia.

FoodWorks Job Application

FoodWorks Jobs

If you want to start your career at a major supermarket chain that competes with Woolworths, Coles, and other large supermarket chains, you should definitely take a look at the job openings at FoodWorks. There are hundreds of stores owned by this company distributed across many places in Australia. Find your local store and find out whether there are any current job openings at the store. The stores offer employment opportunities for many part-time and full-time employees, so it is a high probability that you find some vacancies at your local store. Once you find a job opening that fits with your interests, you can easily visit the store and apply in-store.

Job Positions

Crew member, customer service assistant, deli manager, checkout operator supervisor, store manager, cashier, night time supervisor, stocker, shop assistant, produce assistant, junior assistant, baker, liquor assistant, pastry chef, stock manager, shelf packer, floor manager, data entry/accounts payable.

Job Descriptions

Deli Assistant

The deli assistant position at Foodworks can be a good starting job, especially for those who have no working experience. Although you do not need any skills or degrees to work in this position, you need to know the basics of food preparation. Moreover, you have to be open to learning as well.

Providing great customer service will be one of your main responsibilities. You need to be a good listener, take orders accurately and prepare them by following the safety and sanitation guides. Since you are going to work in a team, you also need to be a positive and friendly person with good communication skills.

Job Application Form PDF

Below is a printable job application form of FoodWorks. This job application form can ONLY BE USED for job applications at the KURANDA store location. Click the link and print the form. Then, fill it by your hand with your pen. Then, bring it to the FoodWorks store location.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

FoodWorks Job Application Form

How To Apply Online

Step 1 – Go to the career website of FoodWorks.

foodworks job application step 1


Step 2 – FoodWorks doesn’t provide an online job application option for job applicants. Scroll down the page to find the search bar. You can enter your suburb or postcode in the search bar to find your local FoodWorks store(s). You should contact your local store(s) directly for employment information.

foodworks job application step 2

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