Good Cover Letter Sentences, And Why They Are Good

We know that writing an impressive cover letter can be hard sometimes. Especially if you will write a cover letter for the first time or a long time was passed since you have written your last cover letter, you can have some difficulty writing sentences that make sense. Therefore, we provide on this page numerous short examples. Don’t forget that they are just examples that may inspire you. You must write your cover letter according to your own experiences and it should look unique.


Example 1: Fashion Retail Store Associate

I am a successful store associate who is passionate about coats and jerseys, has been working for 5 years. Vintage clothes do also inspire me. I am now looking forward to starting working in a large company, at which I can improve myself as a fashion retail store member by being provided with professional training.

Why This Is Good: The job applicant has provided specific examples about their personal taste. This makes the job applicant look like a determined person who knows what they are good at. Moreover, the sentences are unique enough that they cannot be a part of someone else’s cover letter. The writing is consistent.


Example 2: Business Administration Student

I am a flexible Business Administration student who has acquired excellent skills during my 1-year internship in the field of logistics, part-time employments at the retail and lodging industry, and university education. As the captain of the football team of my university, I have proven that I have great leadership skills as well. I am looking forward to an internship at your company, by which I will extend my knowledge in the field of e-commerce.

Why This Is Good: The job applicant explains which skills and qualifications they have clearly one by one. Besides, they are clear in terms of stating the kind of job and corporation that they seek. They have stated the importance of the job position on the way of their development as an employee.


Example 3: The Next Step In The Hospitality Industry

Ever since I could remember, I have been wanting to work in the hospitality industry. My passion for this started in our family restaurant. I have outstanding communication skills and I know how to please guests in a restaurant environment. I also have some middle-level management experience. After working in the dynamic nightlife in Sydney as a middle-level manager, I am now looking forward to reaching the next step in my career as a senior manager job position. My goal is to work at a reputable hotel company as a senior manager.

Why This Is Good: The text has started with a strong sentence that indicates the job applicant’s passion. At the same time, the text explains the strengths of the applicant clearly. Furthermore, the desired job position is clearly set. When the hiring manager of the company will read this text, they can clearly create a general picture of the job applicant.


Example 4: Newly Graduate Human Resources Assistant

I am a fresh graduate who has been graduated from the department of business and psychology. I was in my university’s business Club and have been a student club president. As a member of the board in the student club, I have acquired skills in making presentations in a professional environment. Now, I seek a Human Resources job position that offers development opportunities in an environment that I can take serious responsibilities. I would prefer to start working in a company with high ethical values.

Why This Is Good: This text is unique and pretty specific. In addition to stating that they are capable of making successful presentations, the job applicant also explained where they have obtained that ability. Beyond all these, the job applicant clearly defined their desired job position and company preference.


Example 5: Mechanical Engineer

I am a young mechanical engineer who is knowledgeable in car mechanics. Currently, I am working in a company in Melbourne that is manufacturing auto parts. I have proven my capability in engineering and communication during my 5-year employment in this company. Now, I seek a new employment opportunity where I will show my communication skills in addition to my engineering skills. Therefore, I seek a new employment opportunity in a company that designing and manufacturing automobile parts.

Why This Is Good: This job applicant competently explains why they are searching for a new job opportunity and in which position they want to start working. In addition, it makes sense that the applicant is searching for a similar job in a different company.


Example 6: Nurse

I am a nurse practitioner who is seeking a job position where I can take on more responsibility. I am talented in analysing information, evaluation, and critical thinking. I hold multiple nursing certificates including trauma nursing and wound care nursing. I am looking for an organisation where I will work for the long-term.

Why This Is Good: The job applicant shows that they are willing to advance to the next level in their career. They indicate their certificates to prove their current capabilities. Saying the will to work for the long term is also a plus. Professionalism is crucial in nursing jobs, so this job applicant has a high chance to be accepted for the job position.


Example 7: Sales Executive

I am an experienced sales executive who loves working. I am advanced in marketing, negotiating, and processing of sales system data and software. My current employer gained plenty of new customers while enjoying an increase of 35% because of my work. During my employment, with my international trade diploma, I had the opportunity of working in a professional business environment and increase my sales skills. Now, I am looking for a workplace that will offer me the opportunity of working in international projects.

Why This Is Good: In addition to mentioning their important sales skills, the job applicant also mentions their past achievements that will attract the employer’s attention. Besides, the applicant says that they want to participate in international projects, which is a clear statement about their desired job position.


Example 8: Retail Store Associate

Currently, I am a part-time store associate who is searching for a similar full-time job position. Last year, I have acquired customer support, teamwork, and communication skills. I am searching for a full-time job position in a new company to put my career in a stable direction.

Why This Is Good: The hiring manager can easily understand why the job applicant is searching for a new job. The applicant has stated the skills that they recently developed in their recent job position, which will make a nice first impression on the hiring manager.


Example 9: Restaurant Team Member

I believe that a job in a restaurant will be a decent starting point in my career. During school, I was actively engaged in welfare associations. In addition, I am well-informed about the point of sale systems that are used in restaurants.

Why This Is Good: Although the job applicant may have a low level of education, it is likely that the applicant strives to be a better person and a more qualified employee. This is enough for restaurant chains to hire new people for entry-level job positions.

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