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IKEA is a Swedish multinational retail store chain that sells ready-to-assemble furniture, home accessories, kitchen appliances and useful goods. The company headquarters are located in Delft, Netherlands. This Dutch-based Swedish company is also operating successfully in Australia with its 10 stores. The company has more than 430 offices and stores in various locations of the world, as known in 2019. The company employs over 210,000 staff at its stores.


Are you bored with the traditional, standard-quality furniture retail stores, despite your deep love towards ready-to-assemble furniture? Then, we can recommend IKEA Australia as a place to buy and enjoy ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and home accessories. An IKEA retail store is a special place to work at. In contrast to the situation in mainstream furniture retail stores, employees of IKEA Australia are required to have greater product knowledge to help the customers with special IKEA furniture. Compared to mainstream retail furniture stores and chains, employees of IKEA Australia have to perform a bit more complicated tasks, and therefore are paid slightly better wages. If you want to gain great experience and have a history at a reputable company that shines in your resume, you will be more ready then ever to apply for a job at IKEA Australia.

Job Positions

Food co-worker, logistics co-worker, customer relations co-worker, sales co-worker, cook, store visual merchandiser, forklift driver, operational risk management leader, facility manager, and many more.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

IKEA Application Form PDF

Since there is no IKEA printable job application form for Australian job applicants, we recommend you to visit the official career website of IKEA and make an online application for a job at your local store.

How to Apply

Step 1- Visit the official job application website of IKEA that shows jobs at IKEA stores throughout Australia.

ikea australia job application step 1

Step 2- Set your country Australia, and enter the keywords about the job and press the blue “Search” button. Then, current positions will be listed on the page, select one of the open positions.

ikea australia job application step 2

Step 3- Read your responsibility for the job, then, click on the “view job ad” button.

ikea australia job application step 3

Step 4- Read the job description. If you are interested in the job, click on the “I’m interested” button.

ikea australia job application step 4

Step 5- Fill out the application form by providing info including your personal information, experience, and education.

ikea australia job application step 5

Step 6- Then, answer the preliminary questions.

ikea australia job application step 6

Step 7- After all the information is gathered, click on the “submit” button.

ikea australia job application step 7

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