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Platypus Shoes

Platypus Shoes is an Australian based shoe company that is producing and selling shoes all over Australia. From the beginning, Platypus Shoes is aiming to reach every type of individual with passion & creativity in shoe design. The company honours itself by storing and offering the latest and greatest collection of iconic global brands. Whether you are a trend follower or trendsetter; Platypus Shoes does open its doors to its valuable customers with its various products. Letting each customer create their own personal iconic style and newly engineered silhouette, Platypus Shoes is operating with 122 stores across Australia with a great store team.

Platypus Shoes Job Application

Platypus Shoes Jobs

Platypus Shoes brings you a various range of different career opportunities within the stores. Every stage of creating a style is momentous at Platypus Shoes. The company cares about who lights the spark of creation, who are essentially the employees. Joining into the big passion of the Platypus Shoes team will bring you to be inspired all the time and moreover; it will widen your vision about your future. Managing a store or being a sales assistant will always be fun and relaxing if you are working at Platypus Shoes, as the company mostly takes heed of its employees at any level.

Job Positions

Retail team member, assistant store manager, store manager.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Platypus Shoes Application Form PDF

There is no Platypus Shoes printable job application form on the web for Australian job applicants. Therefore, we recommend you to visit the official career website of the company and make an online job application for a job at Platypus Shoes. In addition, you can always walk into a Platypus Shoes store in your area and ask the management for information about current vacancies.

How to Apply

1 – Go to the official career website of Platypus Shoes.

platypus shoes job application step 1

2- Click on the ‘VACANCIES’ button, which is 3rd from left to right under the “JOIN THE TEAM” section.

3- Scroll the page down, applicable jobs will be listed or you can right-click on the blue ‘job search’ than a new page will open with applicable jobs.

4- You can check out the listed jobs by clicking the ‘More Info’ button.

5- After you found the best suitable jobs for yourself click the ‘Apply Now’ button.

6- Enter your email address and press “Next”.

7- A new page will open.

8- Upload your resume and create a log in. When you finish, click “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

9- Then complete your job application.

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