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Rebel Sport

Rebel (formerly Rebel Sport) is an Australian and New Zealander retail chain that is selling sports equipment and related apparel. The company was founded in 1985 in Sydney. The headquarters of Rebel is located in Lidcombe, New South Wales. The initial brand name was “Rebel Sport”. In 2012, Rebel Sport dropped the word “Sport” from its name and adopted a new logo and a black and yellow branding. Today, Rebel has 160 stores across Australia, at which over 6,000 employees are currently working with passion.

Rebel Sport Jobs

If you want to pursue a career in a retail store chain that is specialised in selling sporting goods, we can easily recommend that you check the jobs at Rebel because it is a leading company that has been operating successfully for many years up to this day. Many part-time job opportunities for entry-level employees and full-time management options are available in various Rebel stores across Australia and New Zealand. Check the job openings at Rebel by visiting the official company career website today!

Job Positions

Retail team member, customer service manager, visual merchandiser, stock administration manager, department supervisor, front counter operator/register operator.

Rebel Sport Job Descriptions & Salaries

Retail Team Member: You will provide an in-store experience that inspires and empowers the customers at the store.  You should engage with customers by sharing your product knowledge and experience. You will perform receipting, replenishing and merchandising duties. You should have up-to-date information about the current and brand-new products that are sold at the store. Previous experience in cash registration is preferred, but no prerequisites are sought in Rebel Sport Retail Team Member applicants.

Assistant Store Manager: You will be leading and inspiring team members at your store to attain excellence in customer service, sales and merchandising. Team Leader experience and a solid understanding of inventory control and visual merchandising are required to apply for this job position.

Store Manager: You will be the leader of all employees at your store and will be responsible for all store operations. Experience in retail people leading and having an understanding of business operations are essential qualities of a great Store Manager candidate.

Product Associate: You will provide administrative support to the Product Manager and wider Merchandise team. You will be responsible for high volume data entry and administration, including entering purchase orders, uploading allocations and code creation. You should ensure all inventory planning activity is executed by the category teams. Other relatable duties may be assigned. Being somewhat proficient with MS Office, particularly Excel is the only strict requirement of this job position.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Rebel Sport Application Form PDF

Rebel Sport doesn’t provide any printable job application form on the web for in-person job applicants. For this reason, it is recommended that you visit the official website of Rebel Sport and make an online job application. Also, you can feel free to visit your local Rebel store and ask for information about current job openings at the store. Check the jobs at Rebel Sport!

Rebel Sport How to Apply

Step 1 – Go to the Rebel Sports section on the career website of Super Retail Group, which is the parent company of Rebel Sport.

rebel sport job application step 1


Step 2 – Scroll down to find the job search section. You can enter keywords, role name or ID to find specific job positions that you’d want to apply for. You can also select a work type or location from the menu.

Under the job search section, you will see the job list. Click a job title for more information.

rebel sport job application step 2


Step 3 – Read the job description carefully. If you think that the job suits your career goals, click the “Apply for this job” button at the top right of the page.

rebel sport job application step 3


Step 4 – You will see that there are five ways of application. You can apply with your LinkedIn, Google or Facebook account. In addition, you can also send your resume or apply for a job with an email. Applying with an email is the smoothest way in our opinion.

rebel sport job application step 4


Step 5 – After you click “Apply with email”, you will see a short form like this. Fill the required spaces, answer the question about your previous employment at Rebel Sports and click “Continue”.

rebel sport job application step 5


Step 6 – Then you will be directed to the application main page. You will first need to upload your application documents. You must attach your resume since it is required. You can also write or upload a cover letter if you want.

rebel sport job application step 6


Step 7 – Provide your personal information.

rebel sport job application step 7


Step 8 – Provide your work availability.

rebel sport job application step 8


Step 9 – Provide your education, work history, etc.

rebel sport job application step 9


Step 10 – Answer some application questions.

rebel sport job application step 10


Step 11 – Take the assessment. This will take between 20 to 45 minutes, so make sure you have enough free time.

rebel sport job application step 11


Step 12 – After you complete all the steps between Step 6 and Step 11, you will now be allowed to click the “Submit application” button at the bottom of the application main page.

rebel sport job application step 12

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