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Tiffany is an American fashion retailer company. Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young decided to open the company in 1837 in the United States. Their main idea was to sell the “stationery and fancy goods emporium” to customers from a diverse set of backgrounds. Today, the company produces goods such as personal accessories, leather goods, sterling silver, jewellery, crystal, and watches. The company has its stores on different continents such as America, Asia, and Europe with a total of over 14,000 employees. There are 321 Tiffany stores located worldwide. Just 93 of them are located in the United States and the rest is distributed in other countries of the world. In Australia, the company is operating with 13 stores, at which about 400 employees are working.

Tiffany Job Application

Tiffany Jobs

The company’s main aim is to create a unique taste and style with its high-quality products. Tiffany became one of the most famous brands in the country because of the artistic direction of the fashion trends by Charles Lewis Tiffany’s son Louis Comfort Tiffany. If you are interested in being a part of a famous fashion company, you should apply for a job at Tiffany. A job at such a respected fashion retail store chain will guide you in your future jobs.

Job Positions

Sales supervisor, store manager, senior financial accountant, sales professional, assistant digital marketing manager, floor supervisor, assistant sales manager, customer service coordinator, CRM & marketing executive.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Tiffany Application Form PDF

Since there is no Tiffany printable job application form that is provided to Australian job seekers on the web, you are advised to make an online job application for a job position at a Tiffany store in your area by visiting the company’s official career website. Good luck!

How to Apply

Step 1- Visit the job application website of Tiffany. Enter specific keywords about your desired job position at Tiffany into the job search bar located on the right of the page, and set your location as Australia at the ‘job search’ part. Click ‘Search’.

tiffany australia job application step 1

Step 2- The current open positions will be listed on the page. Select one of the open positions.

tiffany australia job application step 2

Step 3- Read the job description. If you are interested in the job position, click the black ‘apply’ button.

tiffany australia job application step 3

Step 4- To make an online application, you need to first enter your email address.

tiffany australia job application step 4

Step 5- To complete your online application, create a candidate profile and click on the ‘submit profile’ button.

tiffany australia job application step 5

Step 6- After creating an account, enter your gender and nationality, then click on the ‘submit’ button.

tiffany australia job application step 6

Step 7- The application will be successfully completed.

tiffany australia job application step 7

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